URGENT: Jason Chaffetz’s Mother Found Dead In Florida Nursing Home, Please Pray

Hurricane Irma took a toll on the state of Florida, but one man who is truly feeling the pain is former Congressman Jason Chaffetz, a leader in the efforts to bring Hillary Clinton to justice for her countless crimes against America.

Chaffetz bravely took a stand a few months ago and resigned in protest after seeing how his fellow Congressmen were unfairly attacking Donald Trump, so he definitely deserves our support right now.

On Wednesday, Chaffetz learned that his mother was among the six women who were found dead at a nursing home in Port Auberdine, Florida. Chaffetz’s mother had been a resident of the home for more than ten years, and was considered to be the “life of the Bingo game” by her peers, a good Christian, and a strong conservative. She was best known for hosting a Bible study twice a week for her fellow residents where she is said to have brought 176 souls to Jesus Christ.

Residents were rescued after one of their sons asked for “thoughts and prayers” on Twitter. A social media campaign resulted in a deluge of calls to rescue workers, who managed to get 49 people out of the Tarawas Nursing Home. Unfortunately, some residents were exposed to a flesh-eating bacteria and died, others perished of dehydration, and some — like Barbara Chaffetz — suffered dysentary.

No one was able to call for help because the phone lines were down, the streets were flooded, and staff had all evacuated. Fortunaately, a passing drone was able to capture images of the women.

A spokeswoman for Jason Chaffetz says that he had thought his mother was already safe in Connecticut with her daughter-in-law. “Jason asks for your most sincere prayers during this traumatic time,” the spokeswoman said, asking people to respect his privacy as he works through his grief.

PLEASE pray for Mrs. Chaffetz and her son!

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