UPDATE: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Quits Racing After Suspension Over Trump Attacks

It’s over. After years of trying and failing to live up to his father’s legacy, perpetual disappointment to racing fans Dale Earnhardt Jr. is throwing in the towel (not that he had much choice).

Earnhardt was suspended Wednesday after he attacked Donald Trump, calling the President “unfit to lead a country as free as America” and calling black athletes kneeling during the national anthem and disgracing our country “heroes.”

Earnhardt was initially going to appeal the two-race minimum suspension, but took issue with the demand that he “learn what it is to be an American” before he returns.

“Effective immediately, I am resigning from NASCAR,” Earnhardt Jr. said in a press release. “I can not support an organization that demands conformance to mandatory patriotic displays and will not sacrifice my values to be part of any such thing.”

Earnhardt says he will pay the $52,000 fine he earned when he attacked the President as a representative of NASCAR, but that it will be the “last thing” he does with the racing league.

Earnhardt Jr. has not said publicly what he plans to do now that he is done racing, but it’s almost a certainty that he’ll be completely terrible at it.

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