Two Passengers On Plane Shot Down By Obama Were On A Very Special List

The plane Barack Obama illegally ordered shot down this morning off the coast of Europe on his way to Tuscany had two American passengers on it, bot5h of whom happened to appear on a very exclusive list. After hours of research and confirmation from sources both in Europe and in Washington, LLOD reporter Skip Tetheluda tells us there is no question who these people were:

“Samuel Kensington and Melissa Watson were both congressional paiges to then-Senator Hillary Clinton from 2004-2008. Their names both appeared on a witness list recently submitted by Trey Gowdy for their testimony about their knowledge of Clinton from her years as a US Senator from New York.

Kensington was an interesting witness because he is the man who was supposedly the last to see Richard Scathman alive. Any conversations he may have had with Scathman could have proved devastating to Clinton’s case. Scathman was the tech guy who set up Clinton’s private server and communication system and personally smashed 42 of her phones. He was killed a year ago in an accident at his gym in Modesto.”

Basically, whatever Gowdy was planning for the next session was just conveniently shot out of the sky.”

The plane, a KLM 767, had 152 passengers and crew aboard when it fell to earth in a fiery wreck. The Trump administration said the former president acted on instinct and was the only person qualified to make a shoot-down decision, but he definitely didn’t have the authority. NATO, as well as the UN, are launching their own investigations.


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