Shocking New Look For Border Wall Out & Everyone Immediately Noticed 1 Thing VERY Different – Does It Go Too Far?

President Trump has been keeping his campaign promises since the second he took office and the border wall is one of them. While the construction has been delayed over disputes with Mexico for funding, plans are still in full effect to finally erect a formidable barrier along our southern border that’s long overdue. However, there’s something very different about the design that some think goes too far.

The wall we currently have clearly hasn’t worked as it’s been scaled more times than can be counted and breached from tunnels that run beneath it. The result is an endless flow of illegal aliens, drugs, and crime into the country and now it’s time to step up the security to keep Americans safe. Cinder blocks or bricks aren’t going to do the trick and now we know five proposed designs that should certainly solve the problem once and for all.

NPR reports that approximately 200 companies have submitted some very creative new ideas for the wall, however, not all are feasible except for these five we’ve narrowed it down to. What makes the innovative security features built into them even better, is that every single design comes from a U.S. company. So, which of these do you think would work the best?

The Wire Wall:

This mesh fence is currently used along the border between California and Mexico as well as parts of Arizona and Mexico, but Riverdale Mills Corporation stepped up their game with new features to the design. The plan would be for a 20-foot tall fence that also goes 6 feet below the ground to block tunnels and the mesh is virtually impossible to cut through or climb over.

One Way Visibility Fence:

This unique idea from Penna Group of Forth Worth, Texas basically treats illegals like the criminals they are. Guards have the advantage of seeing/monitoring them from the U.S. side of the 30-foot tall plexiglass and mesh wall, while the intruders can’t see anything at all. This design also extends 6 feet underground and is said to “resist tools such as torches, pickaxes, and hammers for over an hour to allow for border agents to be able to descend on the culprits.”

Hadrian’s Wall:

This design out of California by Hadrian Construction Co. features a “tridipanel wall system” with alternating directions of the panels to give it extra strength. The system is prefabricated which dramatically cuts down on cost, which should help with how it’s going to be paid for.

Perch also known as “The Security Curtain Wall”:

This proposed idea is likely the most aesthetically unique plan that features an angled wall with multi-level observation decks. San Diego Project Management, PSC designed this after a medieval concept that gives guards special advantage views of incoming “villains.” The sloped surface has a smooth texture to make scaling it a virtually impossible.

Solar Panel Wall:

This self-sufficient wall will pay for itself over 20 years by providing the electricity needed for patrol stations along the border – saving on cost that accumulates over time, Gleason Partners LLC, tells the AP. It’s probably not advisable to touch hot solar panels, which is essentially a built-in safety feature if this is the case.

Any of these designs could solve the illegal immigration problem really well and it took a president like Trump to get this into action. It’s finally happening and construction can’t start soon enough, despite angry liberals saying that a wall isn’t necessary and that any idea for one just goes too far.

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