Senator Lindsay’s Wife Confronts Hillary Face To Face-‘You Murderous $%#&!’

Anastasia Lindsay has had little to say about the news about her husband’s ugly demise. After being caught as one of the country’s premier drug kingpins and the gay lover of a married Congressman, he was placed into protective custody because of his compliance with the Clinton Cargo Ship investigation. There he was poisoned and died, sparking a wave of conspiracy theories and speculation.

Stacey, as she likes to be called, has apparently made up her mind who did the deed to her husband. In an interview last week with Crossroads correspondent Boustata Rolle, Stacey Lindsay admitted that she knew about the gay love but not the drugs and says she will always consider Hal her best friend:

“He liked men. What can a woman do about that? We were close as two people could be without intercourse. We had a very open marriage and we both had steady interests. Until Hillary Clinton had him murdered to save her own ass.”

That’s why it wasn’t a complete surprise when police had to step in to separate the two women when Hillary had the gall to show up at his funeral. Completely uninvited and unannounced, the woman Stacey Lindsay holds responsible for her best friend and husband’s death walked right up to her to offer condolences.

Inside sources say Clinton was trying to convince her that she didn’t do it, but Mrs. Lindsay was having none of it, telling her, “Get the fck away from me, you murderous cnt.” It was at that point that security asked police to escort Clinton and the 14 people she showed up with off the property.

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