Republicans Just Destroyed THIS Democrat’s Personal Welfare Scheme

Previous Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., was indicted a couple of years back on charges of plundering his own particular battle finance. Presently, he is attempting to gather about $100,000 a year in specialists’ remuneration despite the fact that he concede to the majority of the charges against him.

Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., be that as it may, is not going to give Jackson a chance to advance with this demonstration of welfare extortion. The Chicago Sun Times announced that Davis trusts the law that permits Jackson to finish this welfare trick aren’t right and should be changed.

“I accept in case you’re an individual from Congress and you are indicted taking effort stores, try not to be qualified to get specialists’ pay benefits. Individuals from Congress should be great stewards of citizen cash,” Davis said. “We’re exploring the procedure and conceivable administrative alternatives to keep the mishandle of this program is implied for genuine working citizens.”

Current laws permit every single government specialist, including individuals from Congress, to be qualified for laborers’ remuneration in the event that they endure “from wounds maintained in execution of obligation while in support of the United States.”

Jackson served time in jail for taking $750,000 in crusade money and utilizing it for individual spending binges in the vicinity of 2005 and 2012. Now that he’s out of prison, his pay from laborers comp and Social Security Disability Insurance furnishes him with a gross wage of $138,452. Jackson scores $124,052 every year in laborers comp and SSDI benefits for himself and also an extra $14,400 every year for SSDI “subsidiary advantages” streaming to his kids.

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