IT’S HAPPENING! Trump Just Came Up With GENIUS Plan To Get Mexico To Pay For The Wall!

This is it, folks! The moment we’ve all been waiting for – How does Trump pay for the Wall?

Well, with a little help from a few friends in the U.S. House, it’s now known that the Wall will be paid for with the exact thing Trump talked about during the campaign… a FEE will be placed on All remissions sent to Mexico made by illegals. Oh, and it gets better. The Fee won’t apply strictly to illegals, but to All immigrants who send money outside of the United States, regardless of the country they’re sending the cash to.

Sending money to Pakistan? FEE! Saudi Arabia? FEE! Failing states that hate America & communist utopias like Venezuela? FEE!

That’s right. While Demoncrats poo-pooed Trump’s plan for a wall & to make Mexico pay for it as “racist,” and former president of Mexico Vicente Fox screamed on Twitter, “I am not paying for that fucken wall!“, there was a plan in the works to make them all eat their words.

On Thursday, Republican members of the House introduced a bill to impose a 2% fee on all remittances sent not only to Mexico, but to any other nation as well. That could lead to a hefty sum for a truly Great wall.

Via the Washington Times:

A group of House Republicans on Thursday introduced the first major bill to fund President Trump’s border wall, saying the government could collect billions of dollars by imposing a 2 percent fee on all the money Mexicans and other immigrants send back home.

Estimates vary, but remittances from those in the U.S. to their relatives back home could top $130 billion a year. A 2 percent tax could net more than $2 billion a year if it applied to all money regardless of who’s sending it.

“This bill is simple — anyone who sends their money to countries that benefit from our porous borders and illegal immigration should be responsible for providing some of the funds needed to complete the wall,” Rep. Mike Rogers, Alabama Republican, said in a statement.

“This bill keeps money in the American economy, and most importantly, it creates a funding stream to build the wall.”
Mr. Rogers and Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania are leading the effort.

Americans have been reminded time & time again of the danger illegal immigrants pose to their families. From Kate Steinle being murdered in cold blood in the sanctuary city of San Francisco by an illegal who had been deported 5 times, to the more recent case of a drunk-driving illegal killing a family in Ohio.

We’ve had enough of the drugs, the rapes, and the murders that illegals bring with them like the plague. It’s time to build the wall. And thank God members of the House are putting Trump’s plans into action in order to protect all of us.

The era of Obama is over, folks. The era of law & order is here… Finally.

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