HAPPENING NOW: Republicans TURNING ON TRUMP – Look Who Just Called For His Impeachment

Democrats have been out to get Donald Trump from the moment he won the election, so it’s never a surprise when they start calling for his impeachment. This week, things took a disturbing turn when some Republicans started indicating that Trump should be impeached as well…

The Hill reported that Republican lawmakers addressed the possibility of impeaching Trump after reports surfaced that he pressured the now-former FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Republicans are being very careful with how they phrase their calls for Trump’s impeachment, but the fact that they are even addressing the prospect of impeachment shows how much trouble Trump is really in.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) spoke out to say that if the Comey reports are true, Trump may get impeached. When asked if these actions would merit impeachment, Amash emphatically replied, “Yes,” before adding, “But everybody gets a fair trial in this country.”

When asked if he believes Comey’s word over Trump’s, Amash responded, “I think it’s pretty clear I have more confidence in Director Comey.”

This came a day after Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) compared what Trump allegedly did to Comey here to the obstruction of justice cases that led to impeachment proceedings for former presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton

“Obstruction of justice in the case of Nixon, in the case of Clinton in the late 90s, has been considered an impeachable offense,” Curbelo said.

We find it despicable that these Republicans are now openly calling for Trump’s impeachment. SHARE this story if you STILL support Donald Trump!

Source: https://www.truthmonitor.com/ 

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