China Just Made HUGE Deal With U.S. That Is The Biggest Weapon Yet On North Korea

Kim Jong-un is pissed!

When President Trump met with Chinese President Xi at Mar-a-Largo on the night of the Syrian airstrikes, it was done strategically to send a message to the Chinese that America is back and means business. In the meeting, the Chinese president made an incredible offer to President Trump, offering him better market access for financial sector investments, as well as agreeing to a 100-day plan to benefit future trade deals with the United States. But during that meeting something else incredible happened, and it has chubby man-child Kim Jong-un absolutely livid.

Ever since Trump launched air strikes on Syria, North Korea has been absolutely pissed, threatening a nuclear strike on the United States if more missiles are fired. But apparently Kim Jong-un’s temper tantrum isn’t sitting too well with the Chinese president. And in shocking move, the Chinese have decided to lo longer buy coal from North Korea, choosing to make the United States their supplier instead.

Reuters has more:

A fleet of North Korean cargo ships is heading home to the port of Nampo, the majority of it fully laden, after China ordered its trading companies to return coal from the isolated country, shipping data shows.

Following repeated missile tests that drew international criticism, China banned all imports of North Korean coal on Feb. 26, cutting off the country’s most important export product.

To curb coal traffic between the two countries, China’s customs department issued an official order on April 7 telling trading companies to return their North Korean coal cargoes, said three trading sources with direct knowledge of the order.

Shipping data on Thomson Reuters Eikon, a financial information and analytics platform, shows a dozen cargo ships on their way to North Korea’s main west coast port of Nampo, almost all carrying cargoes from China.

Chinese authorities did not respond to requests for official comment.

The Trump administration has been pressuring China to do more to rein in North Korea, which sends the vast majority of its exports to its giant neighbor across the Yellow Sea.

But U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said last week’s U.S. military strike against Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons was a warning to other countries, including North Korea, that “a response is likely” if they pose a danger.

It looks like we finally have a president with a set of balls! Many initially questioned Trump’s move, but it appears as though it’s finally paying off. “Trump said he’d be good for coal, and I don’t think he meant N. Korean coal,” Luke Popovich, spokesman for the National Mining Association, said in an email to the Washington Examiner.

This news comes just on the heels of Trump sending in 17,000 troops to South Korea as a way to put the chubby dictator on notice. As we reported earlier today:

According to reports, SEAL Team 6 is now actively training in South Korea in an exercise being dubbed Foal Eagle, where other special ops teams including Army Rangers, Delta Forces, and Green Berets are training to take out the “fat kid” in North Korea should he push his antics too far. US military officials are keeping the training shrouded in secrecy, only confirming that the joint exercise consists of ground, air, naval, and special operations teams involving a whopping 17,000 troops.

The training began the day after the US deployed their mobile THAAD (The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defense system to South Korea, a badass “hit to kill” system that provides the capability to intercept and defend population centers around the world in the event that nuclear weapons are launched.  It is sending a huge message to our enemies, as it has a 100 percent success rate, and is described by its makers, Lockheed Martin, as “one of the most advanced missile defense systems in the world.”

If Kim Jong-un ever wants to get one over on Trump, he’s going to have to do a much better job than this. Thanks to his reckless antics, now he our elite forces are up his ass, not to mention he just lost out on a huge money-making opportunity with China after they decided to buy our coal instead!

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