BREAKING: Obama Had The Garden Of Eden Destroyed To ‘Protect Islam’

August 12, 2017

Hans Wilekenmeyer and Braun Vindersholtz, German archaeologists following a transcript they found in Belize, ended up in a barren quadrant of the Mojave desert staring at the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Vindersholtz explains: “We followed the text and it led us to America. In the heart of the desert, facing north by northwest, which would have been due north 6000 years ago, on the eve of the equinox at…


BREAKING: Man Who Died On Carnival Ride Was On Trey Gowdy’s Witness List – Here’s What We Know

August 9, 2017

When tragedy struck at an Oklahoma school fair yesterday, families, friends and complete strangers alike came together to pray for the souls of the lost and their families. Now that investigators have had a chance to examine the ride that failed and the passengers on board when it happened, they aren’t so sure it was an accident at all.  Oklahoma Attorney General Walt Sneed told LLOD correspondent Skip Tetheluda: “Our forensics people have looked…


BREAKING: Barack Obama Had A Man Murdered (DETAILS)

August 5, 2017

A man Barack Obama has known virtually all of his life has been found dead, murdered by what the medical examiner calls “the most effective poison on the planet.” Silwell Nelson, childhood friend and confidant of Obama’s well into adulthood, was 54. The coroner, Harvey Leonard of Chicago’s St. Hope hospital says that Nelson would have been ruled a heart attack and death by natural causes had he not been trained by the United…


BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Dies In The OR-Hillary Still Critical After Boating Accident

July 29, 2017

Chelsea Clinton was about to embark on a reign of terror similar to the one her mother has been on for 40 years when her life ended on the operating table at Chicago’s St. Hope Hospital. Chelsea and her mother were involved in a boating accident this morning off the coast of North Dakota on Lake Huron. Investigators say they don’t know what caused the crash that has now claimed the lives of…


Hilary Clinton releasing book about 2016 US election loss to Donald Trump titled ‘What Happened?’

July 28, 2017

When last year’s US election results were announced, the world was left astonished; former Apprentice presenter Donald Trump had beaten Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Since the result, Clinton has stayed away from the spotlight, making occasional social media appearances and being spotted in woods around America. For the first time, the Democrat will reveal what happened during the turbulent campaign, revealing all the personal details in the tell-all book What Happened. Publisher Simon & Schuster…


BREAKING: Kirk Cameron Diagnosed With Rare Form Of Leprosy

July 27, 2017

Actor, musician, director and devoted follower of Christ, Kirk Cameron, has been stricken with an extremely rare form of what can only be described as a biblical disease. Cameron has a mutated form of leprosy that is so rare, less than one in 600 million people will ever encounter someone who has it. The strain, leprosis metapupalis carnivore’, essentially turns its victim into a walking pile of dead skin, rotting flesh, and festering organs while…


Coroner Removes Skeletal Remains From Clinton Compound After FBI Raid

July 25, 2017

The raid on the Clinton compound in Chaquatta, New York this afternoon had at least one interesting outcome. LLOD’s reporter on scene, Skip Tetheluda, was able to get close enough to snap the featured image of the coroner taking away a body bag. Skip also learned that the remains, which were found by a cadaver dog, were old enough that the coroner will need to use carbon dating to establish a timeline for her death. The body…


Feds Just Found America’s WORST Nightmare In Muslim’s Mountain Hole Hidden In New York

July 24, 2017

What started as a run of the mill shoplifting call from Gander Mountain in Johnson City New York has led to the biggest gun bust in that county’s history. Local authorities are saying that 64-year-old Ramadan Abdullah was apprehended for stealing four boxes of ammunition on May 31. But that was nothing compared to what they uncovered at a storage locker in the town of Union. Authorities uncovered Four loaded handguns, eight…


Trump Shuts Down Hoax Website That Keeps Fake-Killing Hillary Clinton

July 23, 2017

A website run by liberal trolls that posts a hoax story about Hillary Clinton’s death at least once a week got some personal attention from the Trump White House today when their homepage displayed a “seized by the Feds” image instead of their lying, fake news regular content. The site,, was last reported as a domain available for purchase through GoDaddy after Trump had it stripped of its content and the owners arrested. A…


BREAKING: Feds Digging On Clinton Library Grounds Looking For ‘Dungeon-Like’ Bunker

July 22, 2017

A mapmaker from Arkansas was doing some thermal imaging from his twin-engine Cessna when he stumbled upon something nobody had ever seen before. Along the banks of the river in Little Rock, on the property donated by the city for the Clinton library, lies an underground bunker that authorities say looks more like a single-room “dungeon” than a survival bunker. The bunker, which looks to be connected to the library’s back offices via an escape tunnel,…