Feds Just Found America’s WORST Nightmare In Muslim’s Mountain Hole Hidden In New York

July 24, 2017

What started as a run of the mill shoplifting call from Gander Mountain in Johnson City New York has led to the biggest gun bust in that county’s history. Local authorities are saying that 64-year-old Ramadan Abdullah was apprehended for stealing four boxes of ammunition on May 31. But that was nothing compared to what they uncovered at a storage locker in the town of Union. Authorities uncovered Four loaded handguns, eight…


Trump Shuts Down Hoax Website That Keeps Fake-Killing Hillary Clinton

July 23, 2017

A website run by liberal trolls that posts a hoax story about Hillary Clinton’s death at least once a week got some personal attention from the Trump White House today when their homepage displayed a “seized by the Feds” image instead of their lying, fake news regular content. The site, usadayinformer24netreports.org, was last reported as a domain available for purchase through GoDaddy after Trump had it stripped of its content and the owners arrested. A…


BREAKING: Feds Digging On Clinton Library Grounds Looking For ‘Dungeon-Like’ Bunker

July 22, 2017

A mapmaker from Arkansas was doing some thermal imaging from his twin-engine Cessna when he stumbled upon something nobody had ever seen before. Along the banks of the river in Little Rock, on the property donated by the city for the Clinton library, lies an underground bunker that authorities say looks more like a single-room “dungeon” than a survival bunker. The bunker, which looks to be connected to the library’s back offices via an escape tunnel,…


BREAKING: Spicer Takes New Job An Hour After Resigning, Stabs Trump In The Back

July 21, 2017

An hour after walking away from his job as White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer walked into the Washington DC studios of MSNBC. He was there, according to our source on the inside, to work out when he’ll begin appearing on their network regularly. He hasn’t outright confirmed it yet, but an internal MSNBC memo states that a spot on the permanent panel of Morning Joe is being offered to “a White House official who will be…


BREAKING: President Trump Wants You To Know The TRUTH About Agenda 21

July 20, 2017

Ask a liberal what “Agenda 21” is and you’ll get some wondrously miraculous answer about global unity, food, clean air and water and policies for the common good across the globe. They’ll shout it from their sparkly unicorns with rainbows shining out of their asses. They will save the world! Ask a normal person what Agenda 21 is and they’ll say, “isn’t that some UN thing?” Ask an informed conservative…


Chuck Schumer’s Daughter Katie Dragged In Handcuffs Before A Federal Judge

July 19, 2017

Katie Schumer, 17, daughter of US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, was arrested today by federal officials for trying to cross the US border from Mexico with more than $300K in cash and a pound of killer marijuana. Her attorney says the money was hers and nobody could prove otherwise and that the marijuana was a gift from a Mexican friend. Schumer says she didn’t understand that you have to declare any cash over…


BREAKING: Paul Ryan Forced To Resign After Murdered Pilot’s Recordings Surface

July 18, 2017

Paul Ryan will announce his resignation at 9AM Monday, according to LLOD’s newest correspondent in the field, Cynthia Luwhoe. The Speaker, knowing full-well what will happen when that recording gets out, will instead opt to quit and hope he isn’t pursued by federal prosecutors. Luwhoe reports: “After hours of nudging contacts in the West Wing, I learned that President Trump has heard the recordings and greenlighted Jueff Sessions to proceed as he sees fit. Ryan,…


BREAKING: Shep Smith Goes Ballistic, Punches Co-Worker After Being Fired By Fox News

July 17, 2017

Shep Smith lost it this morning after he was let go for what he said in a statement was “an egregious violation of the trust between a journalist and his publisher.” According to Fox, the violation came when Smith called President Trump a liar repeatedly on live television According to Cynthia Luwhoo, an intern at the station, Smith came charging out of Rupert Murdoch’s office like a madman and went Godzilla on…


Paul Ryan Breaks His Silence On Meeting With Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch

July 16, 2017

Paul Ryan was caught red handed late last week for being involved in the secret negotiations between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. An obscure state law required that Ryan, otherwise an anonymous passenger who didn’t exist, be listed on the plane’s manifest when it landed in Baltimore. Now Ryan, who has come under pressure from the party and the president, has no choice but to explain himself. Moments ago (as of the writing of…


President Trump Just Put Together The Greatest Task Force Ever To Investigate The Clinton Foundation

July 15, 2017

President Trump’s office made three phone calls this morning to recruit a top-notch team of independent, unbiased investigators to look into the Clinton Foundation’s involvement with drug smuggling, human trafficking and support for terrorism connected to the fleet of cargo ships they used to move their supplies across the globe. First, he called Congressman Trey Gowdy to lead the investigation because of his superior skills at seeing through partisan crap. Next, he…