BREAKING: Trump Breaks With Protocol-Appoints Trey Gowdy

President Trump broke with protocol today by appointing Congressman Trey Gowdy to be the new Director of Operations at C-724, the Congressional watchdog and intelligence service that both the NSA and CIA belong to. That position is typically reserved for a high-level intelligence officer and never before has it been publicly acknowledged.

Art Trubolls, the new Director of White House Information and Propaganda, told Breitbart:

A secret organization isn’t something that the constitution of this country allows for. President Trump is showing the American people that he is here for them by exposing one of Government’s dirtiest secrets.

This thing exists, and it’s terrifying. By appointing Trey Gowdy to oversee it in a recess appointment, he’s guaranteeing transparancy.”

The former head of the organization, Jake Ballard, says Trump has jeopardized national security:

“That imbecile doesn’t have any idea what nhe’s doing. Our entire operation is now at risk, as is the security of our nation. We should have never backed him to begin with.”

The statement made some on the left think Ballard and C-724 may have colluded with Trump’s campaign to fix elections, because they are delusional and need to blame their failed party and politics on anybody but themselves.


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