BREAKING: Trump Makes MAJOR Move to DESTROY ISIS. Do You Support Trump?

The people responsible for terror attacks all over the world may be just about over. ISIS and their reign of terror throughout Syria (and of course the rest of the world) is the target of an offensive strike under the orders of President Donald Trump. The savagery with which ISIS has been killing, destroying, raping and maiming has infected every aspect of daily life, and this is the goal of terrorism; to make people afraid.

The media and governments of the world have been letting that fear play on in an effort to make the public scared and subservient. The more fear we have, the less we complain when they take our liberties. But with more than 500 soldiers in place, helicopter and artillery, this might signal the end for ISIS in their Raqqa holdout, and an end to fear for the people of free nations everywhere.

The US military is joined by not only Kurdish fighters, but also by Syrian rebel groups to form one larger force. The Kurdish have been one of the most effective weapons against ISIS to date, and have only been held back by Turkish President Erdogan “accidently” bombing them.

This strategic attack is designed to take back the Syrian capital, Raqqa, and take control of the water supply. The operation is called “Operation Inherent Resolve”.

Under Barack Obama’s watch, airstrikes were the only real deployment, which inevitably lead to a significant amount of civilian casualties, whilst not actually removing ISIS. Perhaps Trump’s readiness to send in 1000 more troops will signal the end of this barbaric regime.


According to Angry Patriot:

Operation Inherent Resolve, along with its partnered local forces, has been launching air strikes for about two weeks now in Syria, and are finally ready to take on ISIS on the ground. They’ll also be launching a similar strike on ISIS operations in Iraq.

Thus far, spokespeople for Operation Inherent Resolve have not given comments. But that’s not surprising. During his campaign for presidency, Donald Trump often spoke of the value of keeping military operations secret, so as to have the element of surprise on our side.

The last thing we want is for ISIS to know what we’re up to. If we want to destroy them for good, we need to act quickly and secretively. We can’t afford to give away anything that would possibly give them an advantage.

One of the reasons We the People voted for Donald Trump was because of his resolve to annihilate ISIS from the face of the earth, once and for all. Just like his other campaign promises, President Trump is already starting to come through. We wish him, and our brave military, the best of luck!

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