BREAKING: Susan Rice Arrested For Criminal ‘Unmasking’ Of Trump Officials

Monday morning, Americans were in for a shock when a member of the Obama administration was actually arrested for her crimes.

No, it’s not Hillary Clinton but it’s the next best thing: Susan Rice.

Rice was identified through numerous investigations as the person who chose to “unmask” Michael Flynn and other members of the Trump campaign and administration in an effort to damage President Trump.

Not only did she make the President stronger, but her failed attempt to stage a coup landed her in hot water. At 10:57 a.m., federal officers stormed Rice’s home in Provo, Utah and escorted her out in cuffs. Numerous pieces of computer equipment were also loaded into an evidence van, according to neighbors.

Rice is expected  to be charged with multiple felony counts of espionage and other high crimes, and will be lucky if she ever sees the outside of a prison cell again in her life.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says that “justice will be swift” and that there is a “mountain of evidence that Rice abused her authority to attack Donald Trump.”

Unlike the last administration, Donald Trump’s team has no tolerance for criminals in the government. Praise be!

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