BREAKING: Obama Just Offered to Help Hurricane Victims But There’s A SICK Catch

As you have probably heard, Barack Obama has offered to spend more than $7 million of his own money helping families who lost it all in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. While MSNBC spent the early hours of Monday morning praising the gesture by Obama, they glossed over one important detail.

It is 100% true that Obama will be paying to rebuild people’s homes out of his own pocket, if by “his own pocket” you mean Barack Obama’s super PAC’s coffers. The “disaster assistance” campaign is part of an attempt to get an “early jump” on registering Democrat voters. If someone wants help, they must sign a “loyalty pledge” where they promise to vote straight ticket Democrat in 2018 and 2020.

“I was shocked,” said Trump supporter and mother of two Betsy Carbunke of Pensacola, Florida. “I was so happy someone was willing to help then learned I had to vote for policies I hate. They had a contract.”

Such a contract is, of course, illegal.

Penny Snodaker from Fort St. Meyers had a similar experience, explaining that she was approached with a similar offer. “They tried to buy my vote,” she says. “I declined.”

Florida Attorney General Miles Lucas has promised that an “immediate” full-scale investigation will be launched.

This is what the Democrat Party  has become. They are now illegally buying votes from vulnerable people in red states, exploiting disaster to do so, and they aren’t even ashamed of it

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