BREAKING: Obama Had The Garden Of Eden Destroyed To ‘Protect Islam’

Hans Wilekenmeyer and Braun Vindersholtz, German archaeologists following a transcript they found in Belize, ended up in a barren quadrant of the Mojave desert staring at the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Vindersholtz explains:

“We followed the text and it led us to America. In the heart of the desert, facing north by northwest, which would have been due north 6000 years ago, on the eve of the equinox at twilight, an archway appears. It took 14 years to find the correct spot but finally we did and the garden appeared.

Because we were in America we went to the US Government, as the law requires. We found ourselves in the Oval Office the next day.”

What happened next is nothing short of a crime against humanity. The pair says they were forced to sit and watch as a drone with sidewinder missiles obliterated the coordinates in the desert where the garden sat cloaked from the unworthy. They were then sent to a detention center because of issues that arose “suddenly” with their visas.

Three years later they have finally been released after sitting in solitary confinement with not so much as a phone call. Their families have them listed as missing persons. Wilekenmeyer says their lives were turned upside-down so Obama could ‘protect Islam”:

“He said ‘his people’ would never understand that the God of Abraham, not some pagan moon god, sent a a man who whose family would ultimately found Christianity, the apex philosophy of Western Civilization. Come to find out that may be because humanity’s origins lie in the desert in California.”

Now that the truth is out, they plan to return to the desert in hopes that the glory of the Lord will prevail over the evil of Obama.

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