BREAKING: NFL Ratings Drop By HALF After ‘Take A Knee’ Fiasco

The lack of patriotism in the National Football League is beginning to wear on Americans.

 Viewership for the NFL’s Sunday broadcasts took another nose dive this past week, down 50% when compared to last year.

According to surveys, the reason people are getting fed up with football is the protests against the National Anthem that are going on in the NFL.

Americans are getting fed up with rich athletes and celebrities preaching to them when their only job is to entertain us. It’s time for them to realize that the American people don’t want some glorified dancing monkeys in Hollywood or the NFL or anywhere else telling them how bad our country is.

The Left will do anything and everything to destroy America, as we are seeing as people who are supposed to be role models for our children have the audacity to kneel in opposition to everything America stands for.

We can surely expect to see NFL ratings continue to drop as more and more Americans get tired of the preaching.

God bless America and God bless President Trump!

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