BREAKING: Hillary And Chelsea Clinton Among Victims Of Terror Attack In Reykjavik

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were in Reykjavik, Iceland this afternoon preparing for a visit with the country’s Royal Family when they fell victim to an attack attributed to al Qaeda. According to Sky News:

“Al Qaeda’s wordlwide operations have been reduced to that of a special forces type division of ISIS. They are well trained, well eqipped and true believers in the jihad against the west. They are now deployed for special missions like this, to strike fear in the hearts of the free by taking public figures from unsuspecting, seemingly safe places.”

Reykjavik was the perfect target. The attack was so remote that there is still no video from it anywhere online and only a few reports of what has happened have drizzled out.

Correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe has been hard at work trying to get a statement from the Trump administration, which at this point can’t “confirm or deny” a terrorist attack occurred. OIP Director, Art Trubolls, said it is likely that there has been no official confirmation from the government, which was also mostly wiped out in the attack. 14 of Iceland’s 17 elected officials died when the bombs went off.

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