BREAKING: Fort Bragg Explosion Was An Act Of Terrorism, ISIS Takes Credit

On Thursday, an explosion rocked Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

A total of 15 soldiers were transported to the Womack Army Medical Center. Fortunately, no one died, but what was initially thought to be a training accident became sinister when it was discovered that equipment had been sabotaged.

“We noticed that someone had tampered with some equipment,” Special Ops Command Lt Col Rob Bockholt told Fox News. “It didn’t take long to figure out who.”

Police arrested 32-year-old Muhammad al-Shakira in connection to the attack, and he very quickly fessed up according to investigators.

“Allah is great. Allah is mighty. Allah will rule you all,” he told police after his arrest. “We the Islamic State will make sure of it.”

Al-Shakira’s words were confirmed when a video was released of ISIS leader Bahir Bukari Allasallem taking credit for the attack, telling his people that “a great blow has been struck against the American infidels.”

Bockholt says investigators are working to determine if he had any accomplices or if he carried out this terrorist mission alone. They also want to learn how he got into the highly-secure base in the first place.

“We’ll announce when we have more information,” he says.

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