BREAKING: Cops Find Likely Motive In Alex Jones Murder

Alex Jones was likely murdered to cover up a story he had been working on to clear his name over the “Comet Pizza” incident. According to lead detective Shawn Lebeau:

“Jones had hundreds of enemies but only a couple who we consider dangerous. One was his ex-drug dealer. Alex used to do a lot of meth and pills. When he cleaned up his act he left a vaccuum of thousands of dollars a week.

The other possibilty we’re looking into goes back to Comet Pizza. It seems Alex was right about what was happening but was given misinformation aboyut the location. The real address was sitting in an email Alex received just yesterday.”

If Comet Pizza was involved, that makes this a matter that can be tied directly to the Clintons and the pedophile ring they run for wealthy foreign donors. Lebeau says the first sign of evidence that the stories are true will have him filing charges against the Clintons, George Soros and most likely former President Obama.

The cause of death was determined to be murder after the Lancaster County Coroner pulled a broken-off ice pick from Jones’ ear canal. He said death would have been slow and painful. Thoughts and prayers to Alex Jones’ kids.


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