BREAKING: Canadian Muslims Vow Revenge Against ‘Evil American Trumpsters’

Muslims and supporters of Muslims across Canada came together with just about every news agency the large yet incredibly small country had to offer on Sunday to inflate a fake news story into an even bigger fake news story of their own.

 After he claimed that an “Anti-Islamic” website had misused his image and attached it to a fake news story about Hurricane Harvey any idiot could spot was untrue, all Muslims and Muslim lovers came to the aid of a beloved Imam from Toronto. They wrote stories and tweeted their sympathies. They discussed ways to come together to sue. They suggested every course of action imaginable.

(Except violence.)

Here’s the problem. The 700-pound gorilla in the room is the “About Us” section of the website in question or the 42 other ways to tell that it’s not anywhere close to reality. The site is fictitious and run by liberal trolls, who turn around and expose the people who respond as racists after they share the post. Typically, when a post about an Imam doing something nasty appears in the category “Everything Bagels With Cream Cheese,” a red flag and a visit to Google are in order.

But…Not a single Canadian “news” outlet could figure it out? Sounds like selling hate works both ways.

Unfortunately, the miscommunication began with the Imam, who — along with an army of his supporters — tweeted that his picture had been used, going so far as to imply that people in Canada may see him and recognize him…as a fake Imam from Texas currently holed up in his house because the good ol’ boys ran him out of his mosque a couple thousand miles away.

Do you get it yet? It wasn’t an expression of hate towards Muslims and a few simple clicks of the mouse would have determined that. Unfortunately, in this case, the good people of Canada have failed the test as badly as the people who read this blog. Had they seen the purpose of the site or visited the Facebook page or asked a single question, the “issue” would have been laughed off like it is in every. Other. Case. Literally.

It happens, however, and being in the left of reality business, we hold no grudges. The Imam from Toronto is a fine man who said his peace and then moved on. His answer to questions about lawsuits and revenge were answered with prayers and forgiveness. The man is good through and through. His religion is one of peace; his brothers and sisters opened their holy places and their homes before the storm while Joel Osteen boarded up his windows as soon as the rain stopped and people needed help.

That was the point to the story to begin with. 100K people or more have shared it, and if you go and look, comments on almost all of them are people telling them they’re spreading hate and lies.

Spreading hate and lies. And then their friends…telling them they’re spreading hate and lies. People say stories like the one about the fictitious Imam from Texas are about divisiveness. Some say it’s about control. Some say it’s about money.

It’s about truth, in the end…of all things. And yes, we make money. ‘Murica.

At some point, the world will pay attention. We do what we do because we won’t let it hide. If you don’t like it, please move along.



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