BREAKING: $36 Million DARK SECRET Found In Obama’s Paperwork. This Is SICK!

It’s starting to look like President Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency won’t be remembered as a time of “Hope and Change,” “Forward” nor any “Transparency.” As he and his lapdog media would like it to be remembered for.

During his final year in office, Hussein’s Administration spent $36.2 million in legal fees in order to deny Freedom of Information Act requests from the media. This is a record set for any American Presidential Administration.

In one of many instances, the administration broke the law and was sued by the Associated Press (which has pending lawsuits against the FBI for records about its’ decision to impersonate an AP journalist during a criminal investigation), and about who helped the FBI hack into a mass shooting suspect’s Apple iPhone and how much the government paid to do it. All information which should have been readily available to the media, especially when we supposedly had an administration that was “transparent”.

Seems the whole “Most Transparent Administration in History” promise and talking point really went out the Marxist window. To the point where even their own Reporter Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS reporter, who pursued the story of Obama and Hillary’s failure at Benghazi, claims in her 2014 book Stonewalled that her work computer was hacked by an unknown organization using spyware which is proprietary to the United States Government.

All these are very serious accusations by some in his own media. What we should all be asking ourselves is what more is the Obama administration hiding. We already found out this week, by the admission of his own staffer that Obama ordered the surveillance of then Candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign. This is definitely more serious than Nixon’s Watergate ever was.

One thing’s for sure, if Obama would have been a White Republican he would have never been allowed to finish his two terms as president.

How’s that for your so-called “White Privilege?”

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